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 Allinity – the new name for a team you know and trust.

Allinity LogoHaving grown steadily over the past six years, Allinity Limited (formerly Congruent UK Limited) has become one of the largest specialist PeopleSoft consultancies in Europe.  Our reputation for outstanding technical and functional product knowledge is unsurpassed and our large group of high profile consultants are a loyal, close-knit team. 

Over the last couple of years we have grown to be comparative in size to our Australian-based parent company and we felt that local ownership was better for the employees, our clients and the future of the company in the UK and Europe.  This, together with our continued growth and expansion, has prompted a management buyout and name change to "Allinity".  The name change represents an important milestone in the evolution of the company.  The new name of Allinity better reflects the strengths of our close-knit team and our focus on the European market.  We will continue to retain our strong ties with Congruent in the Asia-Pacific region, maintaining a global reach. 

The name Allinity is derived from the core values of the company, based on a fusion of two core value words – alliance and affinity, along with the concept that we are all in it together.  It reflects the way the company is managed and the way that we work with our clients.  We have always had a very flat management structure and open management style, and our employees play a key role in the decisions and direction of the company.  The work to select the new name, re-brand the business and introduce the name to the market has all been undertaken in-house, with significant involvement from consultants in the UK and European practices.  For a long time we have wanted to reward the employees for their loyalty and dedication, and the change in ownership also opens the way for an employee share ownership scheme.

We also pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with clients by quickly integrating our consultants into their project teams.  Our aim has always been to work alongside clients to achieve their goals in a variety of flexible, efficient and effective ways.

Our success is the result of the business being a balance of a number of factors that help us to stay focused and capable.  It's a challenging strategy to have such hands-on employee input, but we strongly believe that the two most important factors to our success are our staff and the company structure.  We have always tried to find the right people for the job, industry experts that have real interest in their field whether that's technical or functional, as well as the right personality to be a great consultant.  We then try to remove any obstacles, enabling them to do the best job that they can, this is where the potential of our flat management structure is realised.  There are no layers of management to divert the focus away from the clients, even the Directors are hands-on PeopleSoft consultants.

We don't want to take over the world or grow into a huge IT consultancy and lose our focus.  We will continue to aim to be the best PeopleSoft consultancy with a team of loyal employees.  With the addition of the high profile consultants that have joined us in the last year we will continue to provide quality services, products and support to existing and new clients.

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